Thursday, January 29, 2009

Michael Burks is a witness against Bill White

on January 29, 2009 by Michael Burks
White power people are too funny. More threats were left which is great. I sent them to the FBI. Bill White, a liar, is already going to serve at least ten. Hopefully the FBI will take care of these losers. Lol since I am still a current witness in a major case, making threats is even a bigger crime - too bad those losers didn’t know that !

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Burks "retires" after anarchist jailed

His arguments seemed to follow classic examples of faulty philosophical reasoning. To hear Michael Burks tell it, Burks had become a costumist, falling in with what he described as "losers," "mentally-ill" and "sex-perverts," but, then, when Burks had tired of what he called such "frauds," he dropped all attempts to be "pro-white." Burks, a bearded, hippy-looking young man, had been a bundle of contradictions, from the outset. He had touted facial-hair, in a bid to become a "rightist" political-luminary, but the movement characterized by extremely clean-cut men, many being even Skinheads, rejected him. Also, he teamed up with Ron Edwards, a costumist fined $2.5 million for conspiracy, and, then, William White, an anarchist, who had campaigned to "overthrow" the "ruling classes," until jailed for plotting against a juror.

Burks followed the line of a builder, who erected a shoddy structure, but, then, blamed the building, materials or anybody, except himself, for the collapse. Burks had hyped "pro-white" by joining Thom Robb, a costumist, who he quickly dumped and accused of peddling "snake-oil." A hook-up with Billy Roper lasted no longer. He, then, had a brief foray with David Duke and Don Black, who he rejected and denounced as "con-men." He, then, latched onto White, a costumist, whose psychiatrist disclosed had a "personality disorder," and outfitted himself in Hitler-attire. Burks would post blogs, which would be taken down by web-hosters, and, finally, when White was jailed, he claimed that he had "retired." "I have met the biggest group of hypocrites, back-stabbers and anti-social misfits one could ever come across," Burks said.

Praise from Negro
"I have much better things to do with my time, energy and money," Burks insisted, drawing praise from Lamont Jenkins, a Negro who had tried, unsuccessfully, to halt a Nationalist rally at George Washington's headquarters in New Jersey. Jenkins expressed hope that Burks would "keep going" in his "positive direction." Burks, who announced that he had been "questioned" by the FBI, in building the conspiracy-case against White, had never joined a viable, pro-majority organization. He did disclose, however, that White "did break the law" and had been trying to sell his mailing list to Erich Gliebe, whose partner, Shaun Walker, had been jailed for conspiracy. "Every group I have joined has been a complete failure," sighed Burks. "I plan on spending much of my free time exposing facts and truths about the frauds within the pro-white movement."

Burks had never associated with Barry Hackney or Gerald McManus, who had staged impressive, pro-majority public-events. He had never campaigned with James Hart or Ken Overstreet in rightist political-campaigns. He had never appeared in court with Mark Watts or Richard Czubinski, in winning free-speech rights. By his own admission, Burks was "clueless,"
but, according to Zach Hale, he should "never give up, just because times are tough." Hale suggested cultivating a "normal connection," to avoid "costumists" and "burnout" and "become stronger as a Nationalist." He recommended "those who speak with the knowledge of truth and have charisma." Lilli Frees urged that "those who threaten the goodness and purity of the cause" be rejected. Hale stressed the need for "adding a dash of humor and winning arguments."